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What impact do drinking alcohol and smoking have on ED?


Erectile Dysfunction is a condition called impotence that occurs in men. The condition where it becomes quite hard for men to perform sex. This means if you being a man are in a condition to have sexual pleasure then with ED you cannot.

This makes the relationship between couples take a downfall. But instead of making disruption, it is important to have the right cure by determining g the cause. So it is necessary to ensure what is the reason and how to cure the one.

However, the main impact is because of alcohol and smoking. So in this blog, you will find what is the right cure.

Erectile dysfunction to trouble men

ED which is known as impotence happens due for many reasons. It makes men weak in their sexual life.

But despite facing weak erections (which is due to poor flow of blood) undertaking the right cure is a necessity. Yes, you do have a way to control ED (but remember it cannot be completely cured). With the help of oral tablets (Cenforce) available with Medicationplace, you can buy different strengths to attain hard erections.

Although there are several methods available like medical, natural, surgical, etc. if you want to get instant results and performance then intake of tablet works best.

The process of obtaining erections is harder. It does include your nerves, brain, and blood vessels. But it is also necessity to know the cause beforehand.

One of the major causes defined to have weak erections is because of damaged vessels. But another question rises what makes that damage? It is for sure your poor lifestyle mainly smoking and alcohol. Let us help you to determine more about it

How do alcohol and smoke causes ED?

Not able to perform in bed can be a tough stage. Hence you must take on the charge to determine the cause and then on treatment. On the other hand, if you have a habit of consuming alcohol then you can be in trouble.

As per the research, it has been found that men who are prone to alcohol acquire Erectile Dysfunction.

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and even slows down the transmission and then slows the transmission process.

Once you will not get the right flow (this is due to the alcohol as well). Some vessels are damaged and also in turn result in sexual weakness.

Alcohol also lower down the dip in circulation level of testosterone. But there are also another impact of alcohol

Chronic effect of alcohol and causes sexual weakness

Your sex life can also be on risk if you do not have a strong erections. It damages your vessels and also risks cardiovascular/damage to your blood vessels.

Hence in turn it can impact your day-to-day life and sexual life as well. Therefore to cure, ED you can consume 1 dose of Fildena to help secure hard erections for a long.

Hence you must follow the intake of the right dose upon consultation with a doctor. In this manner, it becomes easier to help your weakness to be converted into strong erections.

Alcohol act as a depressant for CNS and also comes with some negative effect and also lack of inhibition.

When you are in a mood to have sex, then your brain sends signal to the penis. In turn, the penis does not get the right blood flow and in turn unable to develop erections.

Also drinking alcohol causes dehydration as well. In turn, lowers the blood volume and even reduces circulation.

Other effects of alcohol on ED

Alcohol can affect impact the health of all ages. Be it, women or men, it hurts health. But in the case of erections, it does not help men to achieve erections.

Hence, sex specialists recommend the intake of oral tablets for instant results and also for quite a poor lifestyle. Therefore higher amount of alcohol can disrupt the sex life.

When to see a doctor?

When you are not able to attain erections or if you are not able to perform then you must note your problem. This means this can be a sign of erectile dysfunction. This makes a necessity to reach sex specialist and seek the right cure available. Therefore rather than getting depressed or stressed do consult a doctor.

It is a good sign to consult a doctor and make you approach the right cure. But when you do not take bother to have right cure, it tends out to develop into stress and also anxiety. You must talk to the doctor and also tell every aspect of your life and this include

Whether you consume any drugs or other medicines?

Upon discussing everything you can get the right cure available as per your health.

Erectile Dysfunction can disrupt if you do not seek the right cure. At first to obtain hard erections you must take control of your poor lifestyle and in turn get started with the intake of oral tablets. Hence you can also limit your alcohol and see the right result.

However, the right cure is available with Sildenafil Citrate, it helps with the development of hard erections. This makes spouses have a cozy relationship.


Alcohol and smoking is the main step to cause weak erections. This is the reason men are being recommended to stop the intake of alcohol and smoking. The main is that it damages the blood vessels and also makes things worst. Hence to settle your sex life, it is very important to quit smoke and alcohol.

In this manner, erectile dysfunction can be controlled and men can perform hard in bed. 

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