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The Purple Pill (Sildenafil)

purple pill

Sildenafil, also known as the purple pill, is a part of the category of drugs known as phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors, which are used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction (impotence) in males who are in their late 20s.

In addition, Sildenafil may also be employed to treat hypertension in the pulmonary artery (high levels of blood pressure inside the lung) for adults, to enhance the capacity to exercise and to reduce the risk of the progression of clinical symptoms.

Sildenafil is a drug that relaxes the blood vessels of the penis. This allows for blood flow into the penis when a person is in a state of sexual excitement. Thus, Sildenafil helps treat Erectile Dysfunction. Sildenafil reduces blood vessels, boosts the flow of blood to lung, and lessens the burden on the heart. Thus, it treats pulmonary hypertension.

Directions for Use


Drink purple pill orally with a glass of water at once. Don’t break, crush or chew on the tablets.


Shake the bottle thoroughly prior to taking it for use. The dose you are prescribed to take is taken by using the measuring cup provided in the package.


Unlock the sachet and take in all of the contents. Disintegrating strip for oral consumption: Keep the strip in your mouth, and allow it to fall apart. Don’t swallow it whole. Avoid manipulating the strip using wet hands.


Put the jelly inside of the mouth, or underneath the tongue, and let it dissolve.


Sildenafil should not take in conjunction in conjunction with a nitrate medication could cause an unexpected and severe drop in blood pressure. Certain medications can trigger adverse or hazardous adverse effects when combined in conjunction with sildenafil.

Do not take sildenafil in conjunction with the riociguat. Seek medical attention or urgent medical attention if you notice that your erection hurts or lasts more than four hours.

Side Effects

Dizziness, headache flushing, headache, and stomach discomfort can be experienced. Visual changes, such as an increase in sensitivities for light blurred or distorted vision or difficulty distinguishing green and blue colors could also be present. In the event that any of these symptoms persist or become worse inform your doctor or your pharmacist promptly.

To lessen the chance of dizziness or light headedness or reduce the chance of dizziness and light headedness, slowly get up in a standing or lying down position.

Be aware you are taking this medication is prescribed because your doctor has determined that the value for you is greater that the chance of having side negative effects.

Sexual activities can put additional pressure on the heart, particularly in the case of heart issues. If you are suffering from heart problems and suffer from any of the following grave side effects while you’re engaging in sexual activity take a break and seek medical assistance immediately such as extreme fainting, dizziness falling, left arm/chest/jaw pain, nausea.

Some patients faced the issues of vision loss or permanent blindness in one eye or with in both eyes. If this is a serious issue discontinue taking sildenafil and seek medical assistance now. There is a slight increase in the likelihood of getting NAION when you have diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol, other eye issues (“crowded disk”), or hypertension, especially if you’re older than 50 or smoke.

In rare cases, a sudden loss of hearing loss or loss often associated with hearing loss, ringing in the ear and dizziness can be experienced. Stop taking sildenafil and seek medical attention immediately when these symptoms occur.

What steps should be taken when missed a dose of purple pill?

If you’re taking purple pill to treat erectile dysfunction it is unlikely that you will skip a dose as the medication is administered according to the need, and not on an ongoing dosing schedule.

If you’re taking sildenafil to treat PAH make sure to take the missed dose when your memory allows. When it’s your next dose time, do not try to take the missed dose of the Purple pill as per your pill regimen.

Effects of breastfeeding, pregnancy, and fertility while taking Purple Pill

Purple Pill and Pregnancies

Pulmonary hypertension is a grave condition during the course of pregnancy. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is essential to have a reliable contraceptive (for instance, the use of a contraceptive implant or coil). Consult your physician prior to trying to have a baby, as your heart condition is likely to be assessed, and you’ll need to be informed about the dangers of having a baby.

If you become pregnant while you are taking sildenafil, it is suggested to continue taking purple pill throughout your pregnancy. This is due to the risk from pulmonary hypertension can be life-threatening if you don’t get treatment.

It’s crucial to inform your medical professionals that you’re expecting at the earliest possible time since you’ll need to undergo a review at an experienced heart and pregnancy clinic during your pregnancy. You’ll be considered to be a high-risk pregnancy and require extra medical attention.

Purple Pill and Breastfeeding

If your doctor or health care professional states you’re baby’s healthy you are able to take purple pill in order to treat hypertension in the pulmonary arteries while nursing.

Sildenafil can only be absorbed by breast milk in small quantities and is not likely to cause any adverse effects for your infant. Breastfeeding is beneficial for both you as well as your child while taking sildenafil.

If you are concerned that your baby isn’t feeding as much as it usually does, is extremely sleepy, looks a lot paler than usual, or has a flush or you have any other concerns regarding your baby, you should talk to your health professional or midwife immediately.

Purple Pill and Fertility

There’s no evidence to support the claim that purple pill lowers fertility levels in males or females.

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