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Premature Ejaculation: What Are the Causes and Symptoms?

Premature Ejaculation

When Premature Ejaculation happens, such men have an incredible amount of sexual excitement in their bodies but ejaculate before the sexual intercourse of a satisfied man or woman. Reasons for this rapid ejaculation include physical stress, chemical imbalances and psychological factors. Treatment methods for this disease include learning to master the art of delayed ejaculation, prescribing remedies, and antidotes.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is a type of vaginal dysfunction in men that usually occurs when a man becomes overly excited for intercourse and ejaculates before his partner. This often occurs before or shortly after the male enters the female’s vagina during sexual intercourse.

How common is Premature Ejaculation?

According to experts, this premature ejaculation in men is the most common symptom of your vaginal dysfunction. A study found that premature ejaculation is very common in men between the ages of 18 and 59, affecting 1 in 5 men.

What time frame medically defines a man’s Ejaculation as Premature?

Although it has been observed that the definition of premature ejaculation is currently defined by the American Society of Urology as “premature”, it is a phenomenon that occurs when the male penis enters the female vagina during sexual intercourse before or after the period of gratification. Incidents happen due to which both parties suffer. According to the American Psychiatric Association,

premature ejaculation can be divided into three categories depending on the duration of intensity, such as mild, moderate, and severe, and mild is defined as lasting less than a minute. Many doctors consider that if this period lasts for one minute, it is termed as rapid ejaculation.

What causes Premature Ejaculation?

Chemical, Physiological and other factors seem to cause premature ejaculation. chemical and chemical crises include:

  • This is what is described as permanent erectile dysfunction
  • Low levels of the happy hormone, or dopamine, a chemical in the brain associated with sexual desire and arousal in men and women.

Psychological factors include:

  • Worries about support at work, nervousness about meeting a new partner, anxiety about intercourse after a long time off, lack of self-reliance, feelings of guilt, being overly motivated or aroused, or any number of reasons.
  • anxiety
  • Lack of understanding between husband and wife or men and women

Are there other symptoms of Premature Ejaculation?

No, premature ejaculation is the only and one of the symptoms of this disease and there are no other symptoms

When to see a doctor

You should talk to your doctor if it appears that you are ejaculating at the right time, i.e., before or right after intercourse. Premature ejaculation is a very common disease that should be removed through treatment.

Talking to your doctor can reduce your anxiety about this disease. For example, this premature ejaculation is a normal phenomenon of your body which may please your mind. It is good to know that the correct time for ejaculation during sexual intercourse is only 5 minutes.

How is Premature Ejaculation treated?

This disease called premature ejaculation depends on various factors and there are many methods to fix it which the doctor knows. These methods include behavioral therapy, treatment of mental illness, and prevention of these disorders. The most common causes of premature ejaculation include behavioral therapy and psychiatric treatment to address psychotic anxieties, sexual urges, or distressing situations. It can be seen that many types of treatment are administered at about the same time.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy involves a variety of ways to reduce your sexual arousal. The main task of this therapy is how to control your body and mind during stress, the methods are respectively:

Start and stop: Through this process, when your penis is impassively penetrated by your partner, you must wait 30 seconds without entering your female partner’s genitals, this time should be 30 seconds, and in this state, you must restrain your sexual urges. Again, introduce yourself a little later and then work, going through this “start” and “stop” process three to four times. You should do this until you are completely used to the process.

Squeeze therapy: Through this process, when your penis is fully penetrated by your partner, you have your female partner firmly hold the base of your penis so that you lose the tension from inside your penis and do this for 30 seconds. Practice this process for a few days in this way until you gain control over yourself in moments of extreme excitement.

Distracted thinking: Through this process, when you become very excited around your partner, you can redirect your mental connection to the sexual activity, such that during this excitement you will think about what kind of exercise you are doing in place of your physical activity. In fact, to take your mind completely away from the moment of complete sexual excitement.


If it turns out that the reason for this rapid ejaculation is psychological or due to relationship problems – worry about your sexual activity, feeling sad for some reason, relationship stress or any relationship disorder then definitely consult a good psychiatrist or couple herbalist, hagiologist. You can choose a doctor who specializes in the study or treatment of urinary system function and disorders by talking to your doctor if necessary.


Various medicines are used for this disease. It is crucial to speak with your doctor before taking any of the several antidotes on the market. A doctor who specializes in the study or treatment of urinary system function and disorders should be consulted as to whether this medication is suitable for you or may cause adverse reactions to your body.

Anesthetized juice mixed with food at the base of your penis is another alternative to delay premature ejaculation. The numbing medicine is applied to the penis and is usually absorbed within 10 to 30 minutes, or until your penis becomes numb. You should wash your female partner’s genitals thoroughly before inserting this numbing or harming your penis fully erect.


All available anti-PE medications should be taken prior to intercourse. Your ejaculation before it should depends on the efficacy of this medication. When to take this medication is something your doctor may suggest. There is no exact time when the vaccine should be consumed. Most doctors recommend taking this contraceptive just 2 to 6 hours before intercourse. Discontinuation of these drugs may lead to PE recurrence.

After Treatment

It has been found that 95 out of 100 men are cured of the disease when treated with the methods described. There is no promise to get rid of this disease, but there are ways to stay away from this disease.

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