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Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Often we trouble ourselves with different conditions, therein we makes ourselves undergo difficulties and get worried or stressed. But some time, we neglect some by thinking they will get treated own, which initially do not happen.

Therein the condition grow up and make people more uncomfortable. Likely such cases grew up within men because they are not prone in treating health condition so much. Here majorly is sexual weakness (ED) and other is premature ejaculation. Both of these falls under sexual weakness, but wait, do you think both of these are connected to each other?

Do not get confused in that state, because the are different. ED is a sexual weakness where erections do not develop to perform sex. Therin to control the entire state, Cenforce 150 is proven oral drug available to develop erection and with enhanced performance in bed.

Whereas premature ejaculation is man’s inability to take charge of their ejaculation during or before sex. But is that enough to know about connection between these two conditions? Not at all you have many things to uncover and let us begin with those here.

Connection between PE and ED

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the two types of sexual weakness found within men. This indicates if any men is hit with these condition then their sexual performance is impacted.

Both of these condition can occur at the same time or also in different. But to these they have different signs and symptoms. So we cannot entirely connect both of them together.

To this, research found within 30-40% of the men develop ED is likely to connect with PE at the same time. But as we said it is not a compulsion that tends to occur.

Yet do not take tension every time and anywhere to have performance. Let us help you to determine more about the one condition.

Does PE & ED likely to happen at the same time?

We could say that both PE and ED occur simultaneously, not probably at the same time. Also, if they occur then the ratio is quite low.

But we could say that if you have developed one then there might be chances for you to hit with other as well. So in this condition, men probably become so fast in performance so that they do not lose erections.

This hit mentally as well and there in the above case rises up. So here we would prefer consultation with specialist to take charge and solve the case.

Other than this, you would greatly impact yourself.

What combines the causes?

Both of the condition premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction has different causes.

Premature ejaculationErectile dysfunction
· Level of serotonin goes low.· Stress/depression· Confidence becomes low· Relationship suffers· Stress about sexual performance· Feeling of guilt· Blood pressure becomes higher· Diabetes· Being overweight· Excessive use of alcohol/nicotine· Sleeping disorder· Anxiety/stress/depression· Low level of testosterone

Despite of all these causes, you have to undergo a right process of treatment. So, whenever you come across with any difficulty then choose the right process by discussing your case with specialist.

Yet many modes are available to overcome with all these.

Possible treatment available

Patient with PE and ED should adopt the best cure as soon as they undergo difficulties. So that condition may not rise and also relieve stress. Below mentioned are the top class treatment available to help come out with the condition.

Treating of other health issues

The top most step is to treat other health condition you might be suffering from. This way you will not be able to trouble yourself more.

Counselling matter

Sometimes stress, depression and even anxiety can havoc on you and make you undergo PE and ED. So in that particular condition, you must reach for counselling.

Oral drugs

Seeking the right oral drugs for ED is Vidalista 20in turn you will lower down the signs of PE as well. Such medicine are FDA approved and tend to take ahead their sex life.

Testosterone therapy

The one therapy is also proven to be quite helpful in some cases. This can be undertaken by contacting with your concern doctor.

Penile injections

Doctor’s may also prescribe some penile injections, here Caverject is one of those found to be helpful.

Vacuum erections devices

A tube places over the penis area that creates a vacuum and pushes the blood flow. This way the erections are developed to support sexual performance.

Some lifestyle changes

You must also draw attention to the lifestyle changes, so that you can seek the right guidance and help to get started with an easy life.

Consulting with doctor is a priority and seek right cure

Men should always take concern to share their problem when undergo with the specialist. Hence the one should be your first call to make everything sorted.

This means, both PE and also ED can be controlled. This way it becomes easier to survive with the conditions and make your life enjoyable. Also in this manner, you wont be able to feel ashamed and also stressed.

In turn, both men and women can easily take ahead of your sexual life. To make it easier, medicationplace will help you being suffering from PE and ED to undertake best medicines.

This means, we have FDA approved medicines and of all strengths. All steps of buying are quite easier and efficient with us. We ship medicines across in an safe manner and are right towards to solve your queries.


ED and PE are two different conditions and cannot be interlined with each other. In initial days, men are not able to diagnose the problem but in turn make condition worst.

To it is better to adopt the best treatment (mentioned above). Seek them all and discuss with the doctor to undertake the best way to secure your sexual life.

So, you will be ahead with your performance and get started in right manner.

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