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How does low Testosterone affect ED?

  • Testosterone is the main hormone present in males that characterize male features. It is the presence of this hormone that is responsible for conducting all the changes in the male body sexually.
  • Sometimes men may have low T right from the beginning of puberty. On other occasions and due to complex situations you may have developed low testosterone levels.
  • Anyways whatever the reason having low testosterone may affect the sexual drive in males. Males having low T have a generally low interest in having sex due to which their erection abilities may drop as well.
  • Of course, if you are having erection difficulties consistently then you may need to conduct a visit to the doctor and find suitable medication for curing the problem. These include pills such as Vidalista 20.

Is low testosterone the only cause of ED?

  • Having low testosterone whatever may be the reason could be the problem behind having erection difficulties and generally you may experience impotence or ED.
  • generally, males may have ED due to many reasons.
  • Some of these reasons could be physical while some of these may be psychological too. It is important to find out the underlying cause.
  • Suppose that if you are having ED problems due to physical disorders such as diabetes then unless you can find a proper cure to diabetes you will not be able to cure ED.
  • Even when you go for a visit to the doctor they are going to find out the back-end reason for ED in the patient along with determining its severance level.
  •  Some of the reasons for having ED could be physical while the other ones could be psychological.
  • Some of the reasons for physical disorders causing ED trouble include diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, obesity, severe damage to capillaries and veins, and so on.
  • Some of the psychological problems may as well bring in ED disorders. These include problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression due to which you may have to take pills such as Cenforce 150.

What is the relation between having low T and experiencing erection troubles?

  • The real and actual relationship between having low T and erection trouble disorder such as Erectile Dysfunction is not known to the doctors in complete detail.
  • But most doctors and researchers believe that when a person is having low testosterone you may have low Sexual Desire.
  • Generally, according to much research conducted in this field, it has been found that generally, erection trouble would occur in men having low testosterone problems.
  • Having low T can mean that the male sexual features would primarily remain underdeveloped. Along with this, low T can also mean that there is low interest in having sex. 
  • Men will not have that same sort of pleasure during having sex and neither will they be able to hold on to an erection. 

What is the remedy for having low testosterone?

  • One of the common remedies for curing low testosterone in males is going for TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.
  • But if the severity of low testosterone is marginal to normal levels going for the TRT cure may not help bring in a hard erection that much.
  • It is under such circumstances that you will need to consult the doctors about the possibilities of ED for the reasons that we mentioned above.
  • As we told you above that the reasons for having low testosterone could be either having a pre-existing physical or a psychological disorder.
  • So we will recommend the patients visit the doctors and get recommended a suitable pill such as Fildena 100.
  • When it comes to using ED pills there are two basic types that you will come across. One group represents all those pills where the brand has got FDA approval. This includes brand names such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and so on.
  • Along with this, there are a whole lot of brands but these are the ones that do not have the FDA recommendation with them. These include brand names such as Fildena, Vidalista, Silditop, Blumen, and so on.
  • But remember that regardless of whether the pill brand has the FDA recommendation or not you will always need to buy the pills showing a doctor’s prescription only.
  • The patients need to continue with the dose maintain all the precautions and report to the doctors in case of any side effects.
  • On the other hand, if the levels of testosterone in the patient are severely low you can surely go for the TRT. Based on results men have been able to keep hard-on after the surgery.
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