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Blueberries: How to Boost Cognitive Function


Blueberries can be a fantasy word for you but in reality, it is one of the superfoods to be included in the diet. The underlying reason it comes at a bit expensive price/some do not like it/some are not in a habit to consume such food.

But we believe that at some point or stage, we can get superfoods in our diet. Like if we talk about some of those then here blueberries, seafood, nuts, green vegetables and even dark chocolate comes into play.

All of the superfoods we have mentioned above have major contributions towards mental/physical health. Often when we do not take a proper diet we tend to suffer from various health issues.

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This is the major reason why consuming a good diet is considered. However, as per the research among all of the superfoods, the best and top-rated found is blueberries.

Blueberries full of complete nutrients and minerals

You will be shocked by blueberries’ size but let you get confused about what can it do or how beneficial they can be. This superfood is a complete package of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and polyphenols. This means it has Vitamin C and K and supports strong health for you.

Nutritionist says that keeping blueberries in your home will be helpful to support your health.

Blueberries- serve the proven health benefits

One of the top reasons considered consuming Blueberries is to support brain health. Several dieticians and neurologists revealed studies that Blueberry’s nutrients are packed in such a way that they can deliver the desired Brain Support.

It is therefore individuals should try adopting consuming Blueberries. Once followed this can turn out to be the noticeable difference among individuals. In short, is one of the prime support for cognitive function.

But what’s more? There is a lot to notice about Blueberries and its health benefits. Let us help you to explore all of those with us.

What makes Blueberries suited for individuals? 

Try incorporating Blueberries in your daily diet and witness what can it do for you. Well, there is a lot to explore because it supports cognitive benefits.

1. Holds neuroprotective antioxidants

Do you know the fact that antioxidants hold the potency to protect your cell against damage- which is caused by free radicals? They are known as unstable atoms with one unpaired valence electron.

When the unpaired electrons steal electrons from the health molecule then certainly the damage is caused. The entire process is known as oxidation. So accordingly we would say that when you consume a cup of blueberries (which has around 9, 019 antioxidants on average).

They are incredibly powerful and on the other side has anthocyanins- which are mainly found in red, purple fruits or vegetables.

2. Rich in neuro-supportive flavonoids

When we talk about flavonoids then they are known to contain more than 8k compounds. Mainly you can find them all either in fruits or vegetables. But on the other hand, Blueberries do have ample flavonoids within them.

However, you cannot get the exact amount of its dosage but you must try to include vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can try to consume a cup of Blueberries so that you can get the complete benefits.

3. Helps to support concentration

Antioxidants are well-known for increasing the systolic/end-diastolic flow of blood. This is eventually helpful for your brain, and heart and even controls blood pressure levels.

Our body and its functioning mainly the brain is entirely dependent upon the proper flow of blood. Once it is achieved then it tends to supply the cognitive function of the body.

However, consider consuming Blueberries which are the full package of antioxidants.

4. Great source of fibre

Fibre is eventually the carbohydrate that has also a major role in supporting the functioning of the brain. It helps to regulate the way body uses the blood sugar. Hence considering consuming around 38g of Blueberries would be helpful.

You can break down the consumption as per your requirement or by consulting your dietician. It helps to stable overall metabolic and digestive health.

5. Rich in folate

Folate is found to be rich in Vitamin B9 since our body needs to have all kinds of vitamins. It support physical/mental health. Blueberries are the largest source of folate. Folate helps to create DNA/RNA and protein metabolism as well.

When you consume one cup of Blueberries then it usually contains 8.88 micrograms of folate. This way the level of homocysteine level is made up.

Must consume Blueberries in your diet and get the best health

Blueberries contribute different health benefits so consuming one cup or less than that would be Helpful. However, we cannot determine the exact intake of it, so it is required for you to consult a doctor in that say.

Eventually, individuals cannot consume Blueberries the way it is. Hence, it is mixed in salad, smoothies, snacks etc. This way they taste good and also reach the body to deliver the required nutrition to the body.

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