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7 Erectile Dysfunction Causes That Might be Inhibiting Your Sexual Life

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction the sexual disorder that incapacitates men to have a hard erection has become one of the most concerning sexual disorders in men these days ED or Erectile Dysfunction, although might be relatable to the sexual capabilities of men can have many reasons that do not relate to sexual functions in men. In case you are already an existing sufferer of penile failure disorder, it is time that you know about some of the most common reasons for the disorder.

You might be surprised to know that other than injuries to the penis or penis dysfunctions there can be many existing disorders that can fuel ED. And guess what both physical and psychological disorders can be good enough causes for you to not have a hard erection at night in bed with your partner.

But does it mean that having ED can be detrimental and terminal in your life? No, not.

With the advancement in medical science, you now have many medicines such as Cenforce 100 along with other advanced treatments to cure ED.

With this being said, let us concentrate on the topic and find out the top 7 reasons that might hinder your erections.

1. Heart Diseases

To say it in short, atherosclerosis and hypertension are the two reasons that account for almost 70% of all registered cases of Erectile Dysfunction. Now, remember that neither atherosclerosis nor hypertension is a heart disorder but it is related to the heart.

Other than this some of the other heart disorders that have a chance of causing ED in men include arrhythmia, complications in your heart valve, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure.

Any type of heart disease that hinders normal blood flow would mean less blood flow occurring through the penis tissues and this in turn can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

2. High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is not a very popular reason for Erectile Dysfunction cases in men but a big cause. Men who have high cholesterol will alter the fluidity of blood flow in the arteries and veins. High LDL cholesterol which is not good for your health can cause the viscosity of blood to increase and thus flow of blood at its normal pace may be slowed down causing difficulties in attaining erections.

Men suffering from ED due to high cholesterol may be advised to take medications such as the Cenforce 150.

3. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure accounts for more than 15 percent of Erectile Dysfunction reasons in men above 40 years. Often years of suffering from hypertension and not getting the right treatment for it can severely damage the minute capillaries and veins in the penis region. Due to this, they would become incapable of letting normal Blood through them. And as is the main problem with ED, there is eventually less blood flow occurring through the penis that causes erection difficulties.

4. Diabetes

Do you remember that we told you that atherosclerosis is one of the primary reasons for ED? Well, diabetes, especially, type-2 diabetes can also cause similar effects to atherosclerosis on the cells of the arteries. Due to excessively high blood sugar levels, your blood vessels get damaged due to the formation of a sugar crystal coating on them. This eventually causes the blockage of blood flow and eventually causes ED. Often diabetes patients might be prescribed a regular dose of Cenforce 200 pills.

5. Obesity

Excessive weight gain or obesity is a moderately common cause specific to some men who have tendencies of abrupt weight gain.

Obese patients due to excess fatty tissues might cause blockage to the minute arteries of the penis region. Due to a lack of blood flow, you might eventually develop ED over the years.

6. Smoking

Smoking is an addiction issue that might cause you difficulties in attaining an erection. Smoking causes cardiac disorders and due to its addiction issues, it can be one of the reasons for stress and depression build up over the years.

Smoking also causes severe damage to your blood vessels. It can lead to atherosclerosis which is one of the obvious reasons mentioned above for ED.

7. Depression

In men, depression has shown an ever-rising trend. Depression might just turn out to be one of the reasons why you need to buy ED pills from due to depression you never have feelings to have sex and thus do not have erections as hard.


In the above section, we have highlighted the 7 most common reasons for having ED. some of the disorders relate physically while others such as depression are psychological issues. Apart from this addiction habits to smoking or even alcohol can also trigger ED.

Once you observe having regular problems in attaining hard erections don’t sit back on it. With time ED gets severer. You must consult a doctor immediately. 

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